Automatic Content Generation Tool for Music/Rhythm Games


The only prerequisite missing from the GitHub repository is Boost filesystem. The version of boost used originally is Boost 1.60.0 however latest versions will likely work as well. Boost will be removed as a dependency when the filesystem library becomes standard.
Other dependencies:

  • aubio - an audio labelling library licensed under the GNU/GPL.
  • dear imgui - a GUI library licensed under the MIT license.
  • DSPFilters - a library of digital signal processing classes licensed under the MIT license.
  • RapidXML - an xml parser licensed under either the Boost software license or the MIT license.
  • SFML - a multimedia library licensed under the zlib/png license.
  • Agnostic (no-dependency utility library) and SFML Extensions, both licensed under MIT license. (Written by me)


Source code includes a VC++ 2015 solution. I have no plans to switch to a dedicated build tool at this time. SFML and Boost binaries are precompiled with VC++ 2015 runtime and included in the repository. If you wish to compile using another runtime version, these will need replaced (external/lib for boost and external/include/sfml_extensions/lib for sfml).

Digital Music Information Retrieval for Computer Games

13263 words. 62 pages. 22 figures. 7 tables. 14 constant tempo songs analysed to discover their BPMs. 2 case studies done to analyse creating gameplay automatically from music files.

Download "Digital Music Information Retrieval for Computer Games" (24.7MB)
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What is RhythMIR?

RhythMIR is both an automatic content generation tool and a rhythm game.

  • Input your own music (only .wav format is supported currently).
  • Automatic timing (tempo estimation) - discover beats-per-minute of the music.
  • Beatmap generation (onset detection) - create gameplay with notes annotated from the music.
  • Play in sync with the music!

Quick Install

Download RhythMIR.zip using the latest releases button on the bar at the top of the page. You can then run RhythMIR.exe from this folder. Note that no songs are included with the download, you must add your own. Currently only .wav format is supported.
Running RhythMIR will require VS2015 C++ Redistributable and the OpenAL Windows Installer. If you cannot run the executable, install these before submitting a bug report.

Support or Contact

Bug reports and feature requests can be submitted to Github. Contact me directly at [email protected].


RhythMIR is free and open source under the MIT License.